LimeLike by Dyebrick, is a durable lime-free alternative to old limewashes. Limewash effects can be easily achieved without the problems of rub-off, dusting and flaking when using on internal and external building materials.

A careful blend of clay, chalk and quartz, together with pure mineral silicate binders. There are no acrylics, solvents, spirits, or any other type of synthetic binder used in our product; we have kept it simple and natural.

LimeLike will produce a more creamy solution than standard lime and is easier to apply with roller or brush, without dripping or running.

LimeLike is 'vapour open', so allows your bricks to breathe. It resists wind driven rain, but does not prevent water vapour to pass through it.

Limelike - Like limewash but without lime

Average porosity: 1 litre covers approximately 8 sq.m (86 sq.ft)
Soft absorbent bricks: 1 litre covers approx. 5.5 sq.m (59 sq.ft)
Smooth dense bricks: 1 litre covers approx. 14 sq.m (150 sq.ft)